Leopard’s skin looks fascinating to the eyes.

For this reason, various rugs have been designed using the patterns found on the skin of leopards. These leopard print rugs are very cute and beautiful. These rugs offer the perfect connection that people have with leopards. They bring very dramatic scenes of nature right to the houses. For those who are not amused by wild animals a look at these elegantly designed house fittings may change your mind forever. The rugs can be made using various materials like wool or cotton but the effect they have on the material is the same. The preference of material is usually the choice of the user. Leopard print rugs are usually hand-tufted by using black and white colors. The black and white spots will vary with the designer, they could be large or small with the small ones depicting a cub while large one depict a fully grown leopard. These area rugs are optimum on sitting and living rooms.

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